Who are George and Sharon Schnupp?

George and Sharon Schnupp are Certified Practitioners of the Ida Rolf Method of Structural Integration. Beginning their health service careers in 1987, as Occupational Therapists, they have provided rehabilitative therapy for over 27 years, with an emphasis on pain reduction. They graduated from the Guild for Structural Integration in December 1996 and February 1997. You can contact them at 505-220-6007 for more information or send an email gs@si-info.com

Where do they work?

They live and work in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
In Albuquerque we work in the south east part of the city, near Kathryn and Rigdecrest. We can be contacted in Albuquerque at 505-266-5724.

Personal History

George finished the ten session series with a Rolfer in Albuquerque in 1988. George had phenomenal postural changes with the work. He gained an inch in height. His dress shirt size increased by one full size. His waist size expanded an inch. This may sound like he gained weight. He didn't, not even a pound. He just filled out. His tightly wound body let go. He was standing up straight without effort. He was no longer walking hunched over.

He was a draftsman before he became a therapist. George thought that his posture would stay hunched forward the rest of his life. Wrong. He would come home from the sessions so excited. He couldn't wait to show off the new movements in different parts of his body. Rib expansion, and a suppleness all over. His head aches decreased significantly. The changes were amazing.

At that time George wanted to go for the training, but we did not have the money. Then in mid 1996 he decided to get the training. George started taking courses in August 1996 at the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder Colorado.

You can find out more about the Guild on the web at rolfguild.org. The certification consists of two 8 weeks courses. Prerequisites include anatomy, physiology and hands on work. Structural Integration is what the founder, Ida Rolf, called her work. Rolfing was a nick name given to her work years ago. The word Rolfing is copyrighted by the Rolf Institute Boulder Colorado.

George finished his training for in December of 1996. Sharon finished hers in February of 1997. We offer the ten series as Ida Rolf taught our instructors.