Dear George,
I can't wait for my next session. You have really made a difference in my life! I don't know if I can explain adequately how my body has changed in the short time (which probably seems like an eternity to you) that we have spent with Rolfing my muscles.
I walked down a flight of steps without using a hand rail for the first time in 12 years. I didn't even think to use it. My body must have known it was OK. At the bottom of the steps, I shouted, "Den, look, no hands!" I explained and did it again. I have been grabbing for support all these years as if it were the most natural movement in the animal kingdom.
I noticed that my flip flops (tongs) were flip flopping with a different cadence. I stopped and tried to be "aware" of my posture and began walking again. My hip didn't hurt. The flip flopping sounded almost even on each side.
At night I got up to use the BR. When I started to walk, I felt unbalanced. I think I was trying to walk in my old pattern. I concentrated on walking and I was O.K..
Denny has noticed a change in my stride. Evidently, I used to walk like a duck. I'm walking like a super model now. Yeah right! O.K., now I walk like half a duck. But session 6 should take care of that. Right?
I feel great. I never expected to get rid of a lot of these pesky pains. I think I told you that. I had resigned myself to them. After all, I could function reasonably well.
Thanks--we're thinking of moving to NM. I want more Rolfing and Denny wants to sit and talk to Sharon.
Take care, Colleen

We briefly worked on a woman's arm in a book store after seeing an arm band on her right forearm. This was a totally serendipitous occurrence. We recently received this email from her.
Dear Sharon & George
My name is Jeanne and you cured my "Tennis Elbow" a couple of weeks ago while I shopped at Barnes&Noble. I wanted to let you know that I am feeling so much better that I washed my windows today!!! I am so grateful for your help and caring. I have been doing some research on Rolfing and it is really interesting. My husband is really glad you happened to see my brace, he could have been stuck doing all the small tasks for me for a long time the way I was going. I have been spreading the word about you and our encounter. I would very much like to see you again. Hopefully I can make a good effort at becoming healthy again!
Thank you so much for helping me, you are both truly caring people.
Sincerely, Jeanne H.

Georg's Testimonial:
In 1990, George separated his shoulder in a skiing accident. He went to a doctor who labeled it as a level 3 out of 5, 5 being the worst. Another therapist, Gary, injured his shoulder within a week of when George injured his. Gary's separation was also a 3. George went to the Rolfer the day after the injury, pain went from 10 to 1 after one treatment. George said that his shoulder felt like it had not been injured. George took pain medication only occasionally but not regularly. Gary said that he took pain medication all the time to deal with the intense and constant pain. Gary followed the standard protocol with physical therapy. George did not go to therapy at all, although he did do some recommenced exercises. George went back to work in 3 months, had only several Rolfing treatments, and has never has had no difficulty with the shoulder since. Gary reported pain up to 5 months later, and went back to work 5 or 6 months after the injury.